Автор Експерт   
Събота, 18 Декември 2010 14:16
On results of the First International Congress «Integration and Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region»

On December 5, 2010, the First International Congress “Integration and Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region” was closed. It took place in Marina Cape complex, not far from the city of Burgas, Bulgaria and was organized by «Black Sea Organization for Integration and Sustainable Development» .
Delegates from government and non-government organizations, from business, from diplomatic missions of Russia, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Romania, Moldova and Greece came to the Congress to discuss the economical and ecological situation in the region and ways to deal with the problems the region is facing today.
The congress brought together about 150 delegates including the Head of Department of Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance Mrs. Olga Dritsa-Doschori, Head of Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria Mr. Igor Ilingin, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Varna Mr. Yuri Soloviev, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of «Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V.» company Mr. Vladislav Emelyanov. During the Congress a number of current projects and issues were discussed: construction of “Burgas - Alexandroupolis” oil pipeline and “South Stream” gas pipeline, business activity of Lukoil, economical collaboration between the countries of the region, different aspects of sustainable development and ecological responsibility in the region that are important for economical development in XXI century.
Construction of Trans-Balkan Pipeline was one of topics that were mentioned in presentations of almost all the Congress delegates as this is biggest and the most important project planned in the region in the nearest future. Different opinions were expressed but all the participants agree that the pipeline is not only an important strategic project for Bulgaria but also plays a big role in providing energy security in whole Europe.
During the Congress the delegates showed their views on the future development of the Black Sea region — from innovative aspects to purely ecological issues. Also much attention was payed to such an important area as development of tourist business in Bulgaria, regional economical collaboration.
The Congress showed that one of the main problems in carrying out joint projects and initiatives in the Black Sea region is low level of interest from business, government and non-government organizations in creating shared information space.
To deal with this situation and also in order to create and strengthen partnerships between countries interested in development of the Black Sea region it is necessary to organize joint working committees that would coordinate innovative programs aimed to tackle practical problems of the region.
In general the Congress had wide and positive coverage in Bulgarian newspapers and on television. The final press conference of the Congress attracted much attention from Bulgarian national and regional media, about twenty journalists were registered. Taking into account the interest in the Congress from the participants, general public and media it was confirmed that the second international congress is will be organized in 2011where it is planned to get back to the results of the previous discussions and cover new challenges faced by the region.
«Black Sea Organization for Integration and Sustainable Development» is non-government, non-commercial organization founded at the beginning of 2010. Its goals include promotion and support of the integration between the countries in the Black Sea region in areas of economics, sociology and ecology in order to conform to sustainable development initiatives. Also the organization supports creating and further strengthening of economical and social relations with the interested subjects, non-residents of the Black Sea region.